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Is Your Garden BBQ Ready?

Is Your Garden BBQ Ready

Summer is fast approaching and fingers crossed, this year we will be able to enjoy more BBQs and garden parties with our loved ones now that lockdown is easing.

If your garden needs a little TLC before those guests arrive, follow these steps to get your garden BBQ-ready…

Revamp Garden Decking

Decking not only adds character to your garden, but it also provides the perfect place to relax and dine outdoors with guests. However, decking does require regular wood care to keep it looking in tip-top condition. Before you start any wood care treatments, it is essential to give your decking a deep clean and remove any moss or mould. This process will make it easier to apply deck paint, stains or oils. Equally, you could look at our composite decking range! Easy to install and with very little maintenance required it can transform your outdoor space.

Add Artificial Grass

Throughout the winter your lawn may have died back and developed bald patches. If this is the case and you want a quick fix, you could consider artificial grass. Artificial grass is easy to install and extremely low maintenance, but the best part is you get an even, beautiful coverage all year round. Furthermore, if you have children coming to visit, artificial grass is extremely soft and safe, making it the perfect surface for them to play on.

Update Fencing

Giving your fence a new lick of paint might be just what it needs to refresh it for the summer. Adding some colour to your fencing will also make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your garden. When choosing a colour, think about what will match or compliment your decking or garden furniture. If your fence panels are old or damaged, be sure to add gravel boards before installing new ones. Gravel boards prevent rot at the bottom of wooden fence panels by slotting neatly into concrete fence posts to raise the panels off the ground. Similarly, adding some trellis to your fencing frames your outdoor space perfectly and adds privacy so the neighbours can’t see the food your cooking and want to intrude!

Then all you need to do is dust those cobwebs off of your garden chairs, sit back and relax with a nice cold cocktail before your friends and family arrive! 


P.S - Try not to eat all the nibbles before they get there…

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