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The unique supplier to the Loft Converter

With over 15 years’ experience and knowledge in the loft build sector, we deliver a complete solution for the loft converter. Lawsons Loft Lifter services offers a unique package to deliver entire loft conversion materials to your assigned destination.

Watch the video below to find out more information.

Interested in our Loft Lifter service?

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Our Loft Lifter Services includes

  • Meet you to understand your business 
  • Competitively price your enquiries
  • Survey your sites 
  • Arrange a loft lifter & any council parking permits 
  • Confirm the agreed delivery slot
  • Inform you of the weight of your order
  • Conduct an on-site Risk Assessment and Loading Plan with you 
  • Lift the steels into the roof space 
  • Load the balance of the loft package on to your scaffolding

Lawsons Loft Lifter

Call our loft department on 0208 343 5040 and speak to a member of our experienced Loft Team and they will happily assist you with your order for loft conversion materials.

Customer Testimonials

We are the market leading supplier to the loft converter, why not watch the video below and hear our customers views.

"We always get asked the question, how do we get our materials up and into your loft space? It’s a good question to ask as a loft conversion usually requires 4-5 tones of materials to build.

So not only do we appoint Lawsons to supply us with high quality materials but also to lift the Loft Lifters which literally lifts our steels in place as close as possible and then the rest of the materials onto the scaffolding. Because of the amount of materials needed, we split the delivery into two, that use the loft lifter to lift the ridge beam, which takes the load of the roof into place. Long gone are the days of trying to do this with just one manpower, although some companies still do just to save a bit of money. We value our guys health and well-being more.

Lawsons have even got a department dedicated to the loft conversions at their Whetstone branch. We have not only built a good working relationship with the guys in the office over many years, but also with their drivers too, such as Andy, Juan, Jamie, John and Marios. This way we can provide a seamless service as we all work together."

Jonathan - Giraffe Lofts

“I have been using Lawsons products since 2008. As a loft conversion specialist, they are an invaluable supplier that always deliver not only on product but service too. Their dedicated loft team are very knowledgeable friendly and approachable. Lawsons mainly supply us with ready-cut steel that they deliver to our site and put in place using their own crane. Their specially trained crane operators can also drop all other materials directly onto the scaffold for us saving heaps of time and money for my team. They have never failed to deliver - I highly recommend.”

Paul Johal, Touchstone Lofts

All your Loft materials from start to finish

As part of the service we can provide you with a full range of quality loft materials required to complete your loft conversion. Browse our range of loft conversion products from leading brands.

From PSE timber, skirting boards and architraves to small mouldings like glazing beads, we stock a comprehensive range off the rack at all the branches. To produce a superior product the softwood small mouldings, architraves and skirting boards are machined from Unsorted Redwood Boards. We also keep MDF skirtings, architraves, and window boards.