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Decking Supplies & Accessories

An attractive decking area can completely transform your garden and extend when you can use it through the seasons. Lawsons stocks a range of decking boards, joists, and balustrading for you to build a safe, stable, and useable deck in your garden.

Timber decking is durable and easy to install, offering a safe and simple way to cross the boundary between indoor and outdoor space. Our Swedish softwood decking is all treated with preservative to add longevity, and lined with grooves to reduce slipperiness in all weather. To see a wider range of decking options, just come to your local branch or call us to find out what else we can offer and how we can help you transform your garden.

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Decking is quicker to install than a patio, and is surprisingly similar to laying an indoor wooden floor. Pressure-treated timber and purpose-made products both help you build the best possible deck and ensure that it will last for years to come.

If you already have a patio or concrete base, there’s no need to remove this – just use it as a solid foundation for your new decking area. Timber is also a very forgiving material, so if you are installing your deck on a slope you can simply cut or sand down the wooden supports until they give you a level decking area.

You can lay your decking in a number of different designs, based on your preference and skill level. Chevron designs (similar to a large herringbone pattern) are the hardest but can look the most impressive, while horizontal and diagonal designs are easier to install and can help you work around different structures or shapes. You can even add curved edges to your decking by marking out the arc using string and cutting your desired shape with a jigsaw.
Find the perfect decking for your garden at Lawsons – you can buy online or visit your local branch to find the right option for your home.