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Repair Spur Installation

Repair Spur
Concrete Repair Spurs are the quickest and most effective way to fix a wobbly wooden fence. By eliminating the need to repair a whole fence or even the post, you can simply use a fencing repair spur to keep the fence in place and secure. How do you repair a fence post with a concrete spur? View and download our repair spur installation for a simple and easy to understand step-by-step guide and have your repair spur fixed in no time.

Closeboard Fencing Installation

Closeboard Fencing Installation
Closeboard fencing continues to be the most cost-effective way to build a solid border around your premises. Known for its strength and versatility, closeboard fencing is a popular and efficient way to build a durable garden fence. If you're looking to erect a closeboard fence, we've created this DIY closeboard fencing installation guide, which outlines how to install closeboard fencing and all the fencing materials & tools you will need. View or download here

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Installation Guide
You've decided to finally use Artificial Grass in your garden and reap the benefits of having a low maintenance lawn, but you need help with installation? We've put together a comprehensive DIY artificial grass installation in partnership with our supplier Namgrass. Read our step-by-step installation guide and have your brand new artificial grass in place.

Wooden Fence Installation

Artificial Grass Installation Guide
Installing a wooden fence is an excellent way to mark out your garden border and enhance the aesthetics of your contemporary garden. Ever wondered how to install a garden fence yourself? Follow our simple and easy DIY fence installation guide and enjoy your brand new fence in no time.

How Deep Should You Dig Fence Posts?

How Deep Should I Dig My Fence Post
How deep should I install my fence post into the ground? We have teamed up with our experts to help give you advice on the matter. Simply download the file to understand how deep you need to dig your fence post to ensure longevity and durability of your fencing and what post you should purchase for your fencing project. As a bonus, we have also included a step-by-step guide on how to install a fence post.

How to Build a Retaining Sleeper Wall

Artificial Grass Installation Guide
Reclaimed sleepers have generally been used to support railway lines; they have a worn appearance which makes them ideal for that traditional rustic look. Over recent years railway sleepers have seen a revival due to their versatility and ruggedness when used in landscaping projects. Read or download our installation guide on how to build a retaining sleeper wall and enjoy the beauty of railway sleepers.

How To Cut Paving Slabs?

How to Cut Paving Slabs
You've decided to include a beautiful patio or paved area within your garden to enjoy your summer days at home, but with all DIY paving jobs, you will need to cut the paving slabs to fit the design you have in mind. There are many ways to cut paving slabs, view or download to find out the DIY best methods.

How to Install Gravel Board?

How to Install Gravel Board?
Is it essential to use a gravel board when installing a new fence is a common question, we get asked. The answer in short is yes, because it protects your fence from moisture damage form the wet ground, debris and insect damage. Download this PDF to find out how to install a Timber and Concrete Gravel Board.

How to Install a Wooden Gate?

How to Install a Wooden Gate?
Installing a garden gate into a fence can instantly enhance the appearance of your homes garden. To ensure your gate functions smoothly (opens and shuts without a glitch), it’s important you install your gate accurately. If you’re erecting a new fence and plan to include a new gate, it’s advisable to install the gate and its post first and then build the fence. However, if you are replacing an existing gate, be sure to measure the exact size you need. Download our Garden Gate installation guide.

How to Repair Paving?

How to Repair Paving
Concrete is very durable, but you may find yourself in a situation where you need to repair some of your paving. There are many factors which might cause damage to a certain area of your paving or even a paving slab such as too much space between pavers, not enough sand and even poor draining. Whatever the reason, download our guide to find out how to easily repair damaged paving and paving slabs.
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