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Thistle 10L Bond-It is a bonding agent designed to pre-treat smooth and/or low suction backgrounds. It features an abundance of advantages over standard PVA and is the single bonding product recommended for use with Thistle gypsum plasters.
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5Kg bag of Cove Adhesive, formulated to provide good adhesion when used with GTEC Cove 90 and GTEC Cove 120
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GTEC 20kg Smartmix Xtra is a professional, air-drying, lightweight full taping and jointing compound. Supplied in a pre-mixed bucket.
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Gyproc Easi-Fill is designed for both bulk filling and finishing of joints, Gyproc Easi-Fill has a 60 minute working time and the second (final) coat can be applied after 140 minutes.
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Thistle Hardwall is an undercoat plaster suitable for use on most internal masonry surfaces and provides a high quality impact resistant smooth surface, suitable for decorating, if given a final coat of Thistle Multi Finish. It only requires the addition of clean water to prepare it for use by hand or machine application.
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Thistle Bonding Coat is an internal undercoat plaster for smooth and low-suction backgrounds such as some brickwork, blockwork, concrete, expanded metal lathing and plasterboard. If given a final coat of Thistle Multi Finish it will provide a smooth, high quality surface to walls and ceilings suitable for direct decoration.
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