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European Union Timber Regulation

In March 2013 the European Union Timber Regulation came into force. This regulation represents a major change to the UK and the European Timber Industry. This letter is to advise all our customers that Lawsons, as “Traders” are fully compliant with this regulation which enables you to trade with us legally and with confidence.


The EUTR bans the placing of illegal timber on the European Market. All importers or producers of wood or wood products must firstly assess the risk that these products may have come from an illegal source, and then act to mitigate the risk. This is known as ‘due diligence’ and like all due diligence it must happen before the companies purchase the product. The EU places requirements on two types of sellers.


Operators are manufactures or importers, who place timber products onto the EU market for the first time having produced or imported them. They must carry out a due diligence process to establish legality of product prior to placing them on the market. The Law states that Operators must keep records of the suppliers, the wood species, place of origin, and quantity purchased. All evidence of the due diligence process must be documented.


Traders are those who buy timber products that are already in the EU and on which due diligence has already been undertaken by the relevant OPERATOR. Traders are not directly responsible for this due diligence, however Lawsons follow the principles of a responsible purchase program and check that our suppliers have confirmed they are carrying out their due diligence in accordance with the EUTR directive. Lawsons keep records of what we purchase, from whom, when, and how much. We also keep sales information, all of these records are kept for a minimum of five years.

Lawsons are deemed as Traders by these definitions, and that we have put in processes to comply with the EUTR legislation

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