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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Blog - Home Improvements

4 Easy Timber Upgrades for Your Home
Aug 10, 2017

Timber FUrniture

Sprucing up your home or having a quick refresh doesn’t need to cost a lot – it doesn’t even take a lot of time or skill to make some attractive, rustic home accessories to brighten up your rooms or even create functional furniture. Here are a few ideas for both the inside and outside of your home.

How to Choose a Loft Conversion Company
Aug 3, 2017

Home Insulation

With all the stories of cowboy builders, finding someone to make such a significant change to your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. We supply numerous loft conversion companies throughout London and the South East, and have extensive experience working with reputable, quality builders who have the skills and materials necessary to build your dream loft conversion.

4 Rules to Make a Beautiful, Functional Bathroom
Jul 25, 2017

Home Insulation

Bathrooms are one of the most underrated rooms in a house – very few estate agents will talk about the excellent layout or light in a bathroom, but designing one properly to make good use of the (usually) limited space available is important to avoid stress in the mornings and cramped, dingy rooms generally.

Benefits of GRP Roofing
Jul 20, 2017

Home Insulation

GRP Roofing, commonly called fibreglass roofing or glass reinforced plastic, has been used throughout the UK for decades. Originally used for boat hulls, the material is seamless and an excellent way to create a smooth, even surface that can withstand even the worst of the British weather.

3 Timber DIY Projects for Summer
Jul 18, 2017

Home Insulation

Timber is the perfect material for a lot of DIY projects – it’s a tactile, forgiving material that can be used on any scale, from small pencil holders through to entire pieces of furniture. You don’t need a huge number of tools to get started, and don’t need huge premises to work on your project – a lot of things can be done out on your patio or even at the kitchen table.

Plasterboard vs. Wet Plastering
Jul 13, 2017

Home Insulation

At Lawsons we offer a range of plastering supplies, including plasterboard for dry lining or plaster and compounds. If you’re not sure which is best for you, we’ve written a helpful guide to make sure you’re making the right decision based on the use and your skills.

Should I DIY or Hire a Professional for My Home Improvement?
July 06, 2017

Home Insulation

DIY is quite a personal and divisive issue – while some people are happy to while away their weekends on projects and improvements, others might feel anxious about getting things wrong or just prefer to spend time on other things. If you’re not sure about whether to hire a professional, here are some quick questions to help you decide.

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly (Without Breaking the Bank)
June 20, 2017

Home Insulation

Many people are concerned about the environment – between climate change, CO2 emissions, and habitat destruction, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of environmental issues and not know how you can make a difference. Fortunately, there are simple changes that you can make to your home that add together to make a big difference.

How to Prepare Your Floor for New Coverings
June 13, 2017

Home Insulation

A good base for your new floor will make sure that you get the most out of your material, avoid squeaky floorboards, and depending on your type of house you may even be able to reduce heat loss. Whether you’re laying a new carpet or wooden flooring, it’s important to get your floor prepped and level with a good new base.

How to Repair a Wooden Door
June 06, 2017

Home Insulation

The great thing about wood as a material is that you can easily repair it – a quality wooden door should last a lifetime when properly maintained. As time goes on, you may notice that your door is starting to stick or is not latching properly. Here are some quick fixes to repair your door easily.

How to Reduce Draughts in the Home
May 30, 2017

Home Insulation

British homes lose a huge amount of heat through gaps in and around windows, doors, and through walls – up to 35% of heat loss happens in these locations. Reducing and eliminating draughts in your home can help you save on energy bills and keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the colder seasons.

Fibreglass vs. Mineral Wool Insulation
Mar 28, 2017

Fibreglass vs Mineral Insulation

There are a number of different types of wool insulation, including fibreglass wool and mineral wool. While they all help to keep heat in your home and reduce your bills, they have slightly different benefits and properties. This guide should help you choose the right insulation for your home based on your priorities and preferences.

How to Make Furniture from Railway Sleepers
Jan 27, 2017

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are arguably one of the simplest materials to use when making your own furniture – they are already thick and fairly uniform, so you essentially just need to stack them properly and make sure that they don’t move, rather than having to sand, whittle, and shape everything especially.

New Years Resolutions for Your Home
Jan 24, 2017

Home Improvements New Years Resolutons

Everyone loves a fresh new start in the new year – we all have resolutions, new ambitions, and frankly after 2016 we probably all hope it’ll be a bit calmer in the next 12 months. What better way to reshape your thinking and turn over a new leaf than updating your home environment? Changing your home can seriously affect how you use each space, so here are a few ideas that can give you a head start to your 2017 new years resolutions.

Make Your Own Furniture Out of Timber
Oct 10, 2016

Timber FUrniture

We’re all willing to make our own furniture – it’s likely you’ve made a few pieces already, but in the form of flat-packed pieces rather than making it from scratch. With a few tools and a bit of confidence, you could make furniture from scratch and customize it to your own designs. It works out cheaper than buying it from shops, and you avoid that moment when screw E needs to go into F but you have no idea what F is and you only seem to have 3 screw Es instead of 4.

Decorating Tips and Tricks from the Professionals
June 24, 2016

Decorating Tips

Painting and decorating is one of those skills at which many try their hand and few succeed. This is usually down to underestimating the importance of preparation rather than a lack of skill or ability. There are certain tricks of the trade which when taken heed of, will ensure that your DIY decorating job looks as good as a professional job.

Velux Loft Conversions
June 17, 2016

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are the new black…they are everywhere! This is partly due to the fact that while house prices have shot up, families have not stopped growing and people continue need more space.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring
Apr 01, 2016

Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring usually looks identical to a solid plank floor once it’s installed, even to experts. Both solid and engineered wood floors use natural wood, but engineered floors are easier to install and cost far less than solid wood. If you’re struggling to decide between solid wood, laminate, and engineered wood flooring, this could help.