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How to Insulate Your Home
Oct 2, 2019

How to Insulate Your Home

Around half of all your heat can escape if your home is not properly insulated. Instead of turning up the thermostat, get insulated! Below is a guide to some products you can use to help insulate your home, saving you hundreds on your energy bills, as well as an environmentally –friendly solution that reduces your home’s impact on the environment.

5 Benefits of Foil Insulation
Sep 18, 2019

5 Benefits of Foil Insulation

Foil insulation is sometimes overlooked in the UK as the tendency has been traditionally towards rock wool or glass fibre insulation. Some people are unsure about its benefits and many don’t look beyond the most common types of insulation.

How to Fix Problems with Internal Doors
Sep 11, 2019

How to Fix Problems with Internal Doors

The internal doors in your home have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. Not only that, they are also there to provide a level of insulation and draught reduction, thus playing a major role in how comfortable your home is. You can find a range internal doors here at Lawsons including Deanta Oak doors, Fire Doors, Panel Doors, Ply Flush Doors and Door Blanks to suit the surroundings of your home and cater for your project requirements.

How to Use a Ladder Safely?
Sep 4, 2019

How to Use a Ladder Safely?

Ladders are great when working on low-risk, quick tasks but precautions should be taken to guarantee your safety. There are different types of ladders such as stepladders, loft ladders, roof ladders, combination & extension ladders to name a few, so make sure you’re using the correct one to avoid unnecessary risk.

3 Reasons to Choose MDF Skirting Boards
Jul 3, 2019

Wood or MDF Skirting Boards?

MDF or medium-density fibreboard is a man-made wood product, which is made by combining hardwood and softwood fibres with wax and a resin binder. This process means that MDF is not only a very strong and durable building material, but it also offers a beautifully smooth finish that is free from any natural defects. These key attributes make MDF one of the most popular materials for skirting boards and architrave.

Wood or MDF Skirting Boards?
Jun 12, 2019

Wood or MDF Skirting Boards?

We walk past skirting boards several times a day without paying them much attention. It’s not until you actually need one for a renovation project that you start to think about what materials are used to make them. There are several options worth exploring before you make a decision.

How to Fit Hinges, Bolts and Latches to Your Gates and Doors
Jun 05, 2019

How to Fit Hinges, Bolts and Latches to Your Gates and Doors

Proper installation of your garden gate and door furniture will ensure that they open and close efficiently, and remain safe and secure for years to come. To help you to successfully fit hinges, bolts and latches to your gates and doors, here’s our useful guide...

How Can Your Garden Boost Your Property Value
Apr 24, 2019

How Can Your Garden Boost Your Property Value

Before selling a home, many people tend to focus on sprucing up the property to increase its value. Tasks involve decluttering, cleaning and even a fresh coat of paint. However, many homeowners tend to forget about the garden, which is unfortunate since it gives potential buyers their first impression. Now that the last of the winter frost seems to be on its way out, it’s a great opportunity for you to get outdoors and smarten up your garden.

Different Types of Screws & Their Uses
Mar 13, 2019

Different Types of Screws & Their Uses

Only the pros will know that there are a variety of different types of screws, each with a unique purpose. Using screws incorrectly can lead to loose screws or snapping screw heads, amongst other issues. More often than not, the name of the screw can give the game away, but for the beginners, we want to help you get to grips with some of the basic types of screws and their applications:

What Plastering Tools do I Need?
Feb 20, 2019

What Plastering Tools do I Need?

Plastering is a skill and requires a steady hand. If you have a plastering job on your to-do list, having the correct tools will help you to get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible.

What Insulation to Use?
Feb 13, 2019

What Insulation to Use?

Insulation is used in buildings to prevent and reduce heat loss. By preventing heat loss you can greatly reduce the amount of gas and electricity you use, which can be very cost effective.

What is CT1 Sealant and what makes it unique?
Feb 2, 2019

What is CT1 Sealant and what makes it unique?

CT1 was created by C-TEC who specialise in the development of indoor and outdoor, sealing and bonding products. After extensive research C-TEC established that the market required a flexible and odourless sealant that could, not only be applied to wet and underwater surfaces, but also resist fungal growth and refrain from shrinkage.

Behind the Brand: All About Axus
Sep 19, 2018

All About Axus

Here at Lawsons we stock a variety of the top, specialist, decorating brands including a new range by Axus Décor. These quality products were designed and created using the suggestions and opinions from decorators who visited their North-West London retail store. Through this direct customer interaction they were able to learn exactly what decorators needed from their tools.

Get to Know the Brand: Olfa – World Famous Tools
Sep 13, 2018

Olfa Tools

We are excited to introduce you to our new range of the world famous Olfa hand tools. Renowned for their high quality, efficiency and durability; Olfa maintain a commitment in providing high class, premium products.

Our Tips for Removing Wallpaper
Sep 05, 2018

Our Tips for Removing Wallpaper

If you’re embarking on a redecorating project, you might need to remove some outdated wallpaper. Unfortunately, this isn’t the nicest job in the world; it’s messy and time-consuming. It will certainly all feel worth it in the long run! Follow our tips to find out how to effectively remove your wallpaper so as not to cause any damage to the walls underneath.

How to Choose the Perfect Decorating Roller
Aug 22, 2018

How to Choose the Perfect Decorating Roller

When painting a large surface, rollers are a lot more efficient than brushes, and they’ll help you complete the job a lot faster.

8 Products Every Decorator Needs
Aug 17, 2018

8 Products Every Decorator Needs

We have the tools to help you get the job done! Whether you’re removing old wallpaper or applying a fresh coat of paint, the tools you use can make or break the look.

Five Simple Ways to Sound Proof Your Home.
Jul 23, 2018

Five Simple Ways to Sound Proof Your Home.

Fixing squeaky floorboards can be a quick noise relief! If you are unable to replace the nuisance boards, you can try re-securing them or using a filler.

Bathroom Tiling – The Do’s & Don’ts
Jul 20, 2018

Bathroom Tiling – The Do’s & Don’ts

We’ve put together a helpful list of things to consider before starting any bathroom tiling project…

Is your toolbox topped up for summer?
Jun 15, 2018

Is your toolbox topped up for summer?

These five toolbox essentials are our top pick to help builders or DIY enthusiasts tackle their heavier workloads across the summer season…

Easy DIY Updates for Your Home This Summer
Jun 13, 2018

Easy DIY Updates for Your Home This Summer

There comes a time when you look around your home and everything seems a little bit tired, shabby or faded. Often, it’s during the first flush of spring that people begin to notice their home is in need of some extra TLC. This of course is down to the change in light.

How to Repaint Your Timber Windows
Mar 29, 2018

How to Repaint Your Timber Windows

In order to keep your timber window frames looking good as well as watertight, you will need to ensure that they’re regularly repainted or stained. You can really uplift the look of a home with a fresh coat of paint; if you want to really make a splash, choose a heritage shade rather than the usual cream, grey or white. Antique greens and blues look especially stylish and work in new or older homes.

Work from Home in Style
Mar 14, 2018

Work from Home in Style

The number of people in the UK who work from home has increased in recent years to reach record highs. In 2016 there were an estimated 1.5 million people listed as working from home…which is a huge leap from the 241,000 that were listed in 2006.

Making Space for Adult Kids at Home
Mar 07, 2018

Making Space for Adult Kids at Home

It’s a bit of a contentious issue for some people; kids who don’t leave home or indeed, kids who do leave home, attend university, maybe have a year’s travel and then return to the loving fold of their Mum and Dad’s house to ‘save up’ or even just ‘to recover’.

How to Revamp a Fireplace
Feb 07, 2018

how to revamp a fireplace

During the 50s, 60s, and even the 70s there was an unfortunate trend in home decoration which resulted in many beautiful and original fireplaces being ripped out.

Maintenance Restoration and Repair in Heritage Properties
Jan 25, 2018

Maintenance Restoration and Repair in Heritage Properties

If you are lucky enough to live in a heritage property, then you will be only too aware of some of the drawbacks to living in older houses. Creaky floors, draughty doors and windows and dodgy wiring being just a few.

How to Fit New Shelves
Jan 11, 2018

how to fit new shelves

If you’re trying to declutter or just revamp your home in the New Year, you may want to install some new shelving throughout your home. Shelves are incredibly easy to fit and you can even make your own from timber rather than buying sets. Here are some of the basic types of shelf and how to fit them.

Declutter Your Home with Better Storage
Jan 5, 2018

declutter your home with better storage

Every Christmas you accumulate even more stuff, so January’s the perfect time to start decluttering and finding homes for all of your new presents. You can effectively organise your home quickly with just a few new storage options.

3 Easy Wall Decorations
Dec 20, 2017

Wallpaper Samples

Finding good wall decorations can be difficult – especially if you want something unique – so why not make them yourself. It takes surprisingly little time and skill to make beautiful wall decorations that suit your home and family – you just need a little patience and a plan for what you want to do. Here are 3 of our favourites from around the web.

How to Build a DIY Window Seat
Dec 6, 2017

Wood Flooring

Bay windows offer the perfect space for a window seat, whether you want a quiet reading nook or just some more storage. It’s a great way to use the additional space that bay windows offer, which is often just wasted. The structures you need to create for a sturdy window seat are fairly simple but cutting out some of the angles may be more challenging, especially if you don’t have a mitre saw.

How to Update Your Staircase
Dec 1, 2017

Wood Flooring

Decorating your staircase may not be one of your biggest DIY priorities, but you can make a huge difference to the feel of your hallway and home in general by updating it. Anything from replacing some parts or adding a lick of paint, through to adding decorative touches, can help you keep your home looking fresh.

How to Make Your Own Desk: 4 Ideas for Any Space
Nov 22, 2017

Wood Flooring

It can be surprisingly difficult to find a good desk that fits your home, needs, and budget, but very few people consider making their own. You can make anything from a single desk top through to corner desks using timber or sheet materials. Take a look at these ideas for a little inspiration, and click through to the instructions if you find something you like.

How to Build 4 Hallway Benches and Organisers
Nov 08, 2017

Wood Flooring

Winter means your family will be wearing far more boots and coats, and it doesn’t take long for your hallway to look messy and disorganised (especially with kids leaving school and sports bags lying around too). Here are a few ideas to upgrade and update your hallway while giving them somewhere to store shoes, trainers, boots, bags, and coats.

10 Beautiful Plywood Projects for Your Home
Nov 2, 2017

Wood Flooring

Plywood is a fantastic material for practically any application – you can make flooring, create furniture, or use it as a base for hundreds of different DIY projects. Here are a few of our favourite plywood projects from around the web.

5 Back to School Home Improvements
Oct 19, 2017

Wood Flooring

Now that the kids are back to school and the weather is getting colder, you may be spending more time at home, making it the perfect opportunity to make time for some of the home improvements you’ve needed for a while. Here are a few ideas for some autumn improvements to help with a more harmonious family life or just to update your look.

Plywood Flooring Can Be Cheap, Simple, and Beautiful
Sep 27, 2017

Wood Flooring

Plywood has often been seen as a cheap material, and therefore dismissed when it comes to more visible areas such as flooring or furniture. However, the full potential of plywood is being realised – it’s a cheap, attractive, and incredibly versatile material that can be used bare (if you like the look) or painted and stained to look like something else entirely. That’s why plywood flooring is catching on – it’s easy to install, offers rustic chic, and is considerably cheaper than solid wood flooring.

How to Install Wooden Cladding
Sep 20, 2017

Wood Flooring

Once you have chosen and bought your wooden cladding, you may be considering whether it’s a DIY job or time to call in the professionals. You will need to have some experience with DIY projects to successfully and safely install your wooden cladding, but it can definitely be taken on by more seasoned home improvers.

Home Tool Essentials: Creating a Kit That Counts
Sep 8, 2017

Timber FUrniture

Every home needs a tool kit – even if the whole family are DIY novices. You could save thousands in call out and labour fees by taking on small repair and decoration projects yourself. A lot of the time fixes take just a few minutes with the right tools. Tackling basic projects around the house means that you need to be prepared – here are the essentials for a well-stocked tool box that will have everything you need, when you need it.

4 Easy Timber Upgrades for Your Home
Aug 10, 2017

Timber FUrniture

Sprucing up your home or having a quick refresh doesn’t need to cost a lot – it doesn’t even take a lot of time or skill to make some attractive, rustic home accessories to brighten up your rooms or even create functional furniture. Here are a few ideas for both the inside and outside of your home.

How to Choose a Loft Conversion Company
Aug 3, 2017

Home Insulation

With all the stories of cowboy builders, finding someone to make such a significant change to your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. We supply numerous loft conversion companies throughout London and the South East, and have extensive experience working with reputable, quality builders who have the skills and materials necessary to build your dream loft conversion.

4 Rules to Make a Beautiful, Functional Bathroom
Jul 25, 2017

Home Insulation

Bathrooms are one of the most underrated rooms in a house – very few estate agents will talk about the excellent layout or light in a bathroom, but designing one properly to make good use of the (usually) limited space available is important to avoid stress in the mornings and cramped, dingy rooms generally.

Benefits of GRP Roofing
Jul 20, 2017

Home Insulation

GRP Roofing, commonly called fibreglass roofing or glass reinforced plastic, has been used throughout the UK for decades. Originally used for boat hulls, the material is seamless and an excellent way to create a smooth, even surface that can withstand even the worst of the British weather.

3 Timber DIY Projects for Summer
Jul 18, 2017

Home Insulation

Timber is the perfect material for a lot of DIY projects – it’s a tactile, forgiving material that can be used on any scale, from small pencil holders through to entire pieces of furniture. You don’t need a huge number of tools to get started, and don’t need huge premises to work on your project – a lot of things can be done out on your patio or even at the kitchen table.

Plasterboard vs. Wet Plastering
Jul 13, 2017

Home Insulation

At Lawsons we offer a range of plastering supplies, including plasterboard for dry lining or plaster and compounds. If you’re not sure which is best for you, we’ve written a helpful guide to make sure you’re making the right decision based on the use and your skills.

Should I DIY or Hire a Professional for My Home Improvement?
July 06, 2017

Home Insulation

DIY is quite a personal and divisive issue – while some people are happy to while away their weekends on projects and improvements, others might feel anxious about getting things wrong or just prefer to spend time on other things. If you’re not sure about whether to hire a professional, here are some quick questions to help you decide.

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly (Without Breaking the Bank)
June 20, 2017

Home Insulation

Many people are concerned about the environment – between climate change, CO2 emissions, and habitat destruction, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of environmental issues and not know how you can make a difference. Fortunately, there are simple changes that you can make to your home that add together to make a big difference.

How to Prepare Your Floor for New Coverings
June 13, 2017

Home Insulation

A good base for your new floor will make sure that you get the most out of your material, avoid squeaky floorboards, and depending on your type of house you may even be able to reduce heat loss. Whether you’re laying a new carpet or wooden flooring, it’s important to get your floor prepped and level with a good new base.

How to Repair a Wooden Door
June 06, 2017

Home Insulation

The great thing about wood as a material is that you can easily repair it – a quality wooden door should last a lifetime when properly maintained. As time goes on, you may notice that your door is starting to stick or is not latching properly. Here are some quick fixes to repair your door easily.

How to Reduce Draughts in the Home
May 30, 2017

Home Insulation

British homes lose a huge amount of heat through gaps in and around windows, doors, and through walls – up to 35% of heat loss happens in these locations. Reducing and eliminating draughts in your home can help you save on energy bills and keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the colder seasons.

Fibreglass vs. Mineral Wool Insulation
Mar 28, 2017

Fibreglass vs Mineral Insulation

There are a number of different types of wool insulation, including fibreglass wool and mineral wool. While they all help to keep heat in your home and reduce your bills, they have slightly different benefits and properties. This guide should help you choose the right insulation for your home based on your priorities and preferences.

How to Make Furniture from Railway Sleepers
Jan 27, 2017

Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are arguably one of the simplest materials to use when making your own furniture – they are already thick and fairly uniform, so you essentially just need to stack them properly and make sure that they don’t move, rather than having to sand, whittle, and shape everything especially.

New Years Resolutions for Your Home
Jan 24, 2017

Home Improvements New Years Resolutons

Everyone loves a fresh new start in the new year – we all have resolutions, new ambitions, and frankly after 2016 we probably all hope it’ll be a bit calmer in the next 12 months. What better way to reshape your thinking and turn over a new leaf than updating your home environment? Changing your home can seriously affect how you use each space, so here are a few ideas that can give you a head start to your 2017 new years resolutions.

Make Your Own Furniture Out of Timber
Oct 10, 2016

Timber FUrniture

We’re all willing to make our own furniture – it’s likely you’ve made a few pieces already, but in the form of flat-packed pieces rather than making it from scratch. With a few tools and a bit of confidence, you could make furniture from scratch and customize it to your own designs. It works out cheaper than buying it from shops, and you avoid that moment when screw E needs to go into F but you have no idea what F is and you only seem to have 3 screw Es instead of 4.

Decorating Tips and Tricks from the Professionals
June 24, 2016

Decorating Tips

Painting and decorating is one of those skills at which many try their hand and few succeed. This is usually down to underestimating the importance of preparation rather than a lack of skill or ability. There are certain tricks of the trade which when taken heed of, will ensure that your DIY decorating job looks as good as a professional job.

Velux Loft Conversions
June 17, 2016

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are the new black…they are everywhere! This is partly due to the fact that while house prices have shot up, families have not stopped growing and people continue need more space.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring
Apr 01, 2016

Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring usually looks identical to a solid plank floor once it’s installed, even to experts. Both solid and engineered wood floors use natural wood, but engineered floors are easier to install and cost far less than solid wood. If you’re struggling to decide between solid wood, laminate, and engineered wood flooring, this could help.