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When is the best time of the year to install a new fence?

When is the best time of the year to install a new fence

When installing a fence, there are many stages to consider such as what is my budget? What fence design do I want and will suit my garden structure? What tools and materials do I need? 

While considering these it is also important to reflect on the best time of the year to install a new fence as if you’re planning a DIY fencing project, you need to plan ‘when’ you begin as timing may make the job easier. 

Read our top tips below to understand what season it is ideal to put a fence up. 

Peak times – Spring & Summer

Spring and summer period when the weather is dry and milder is usually the ideal and most popular seasons for fence installation. You should always pick a day when there is not so much rain or humidity. 

On days where there is a heatwave you should be careful as such temperatures can cause the timber to split, warp and discolour. You can treat your wood to preserve its longevity. 

Avoid Extreme Conditions

Installing a fence in extreme conditions such as heavy rain and icy and frozen grounds make this task very difficult and virtually impossible. If you really need to repair a fence or begin your fencing project, then try to plan it on a milder day or use professional fencers. 

Heavy rain can be a problem as it harder to dig a hole in the mud and wet soil is not ideal to place your necessary fence post as it will be less stable. Moreover, heavy rain fills the holes in the ground and the water may cause general moisture damage to the timber and may even lead it to rot. 

Did you know - Water makes timber expand! 

In more icy conditions, the soil is frozen and digging it will be tough, take more time and you probably won’t make much progress. Working in such conditions will also make you more prone to injury. 


Off Season Fencing

During winter, fencing sales tend to drop down as the extreme conditions make it hard to install your fence. However, this might be an advantage to some who want to install a fence on a budget and want the installation done quicker. By beating the rush before popular periods (spring and summer) to ensure they can make the most of the warmer weather rather than fencing.   

Now you’re all set on when you want to install your brand-new fence, why not read our quick and simple ‘How to install a fence’ installation guide and make your dream garden fencing a reality.        

How do I install a wooden fence?

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