Fence Posts

Lawsons is one of the largest timber and fencing merchants in the South East, with branches throughout London and the home counties. We stock a huge amount of fencing materials, including Closeboard fencing, fence panels, fencing accessories, and fence posts – you can find everything you need to repair or replace a fence right here on the website or at your local branch.

As one of the largest suppliers, we can buy in bulk for all of our branches and pass the savings onto you. Our huge range of fencing options means you can find the right materials for any application, whether you’re creating a garden fence or putting up security fencing for your business.

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You have a number of options when it comes to your fence posts – we have a large range of both timber and concrete posts to help you find the perfect material for your application. Concrete is excellent for prolonged longevity and low-maintenance fencing, but many of our customers prefer timber for a more traditional look and feel as well as cheaper initial costs.

If you choose timber fence posts, we strongly recommend that the treated timber is not cut or split before embedding it. This is because all of our timber fence posts are treated to increase durability, and splitting it will break the treatment seal and allow water to penetrate the interior wood, meaning that your posts will be more susceptible to rot and decay. If you do need to cut the fence post, it is best to cut the top and retreat it with preservative.

If you have any questions about our fencing materials or would prefer to place your order over the phone, take a look at our Find a Branch section contact details and the location of your local branch.