IKO 10x1m Trade Top Sheet Green Slate Ruberoid
IKO Trade Top Sheet
IKO Trade Top Sheet is a heavy duty green mineral felt used for both pitched and flat roofs. Used most commonly on uninhabited buildings, it is most often used as a garage roof felt, although it can also be used above workshops or garden buildings. As a flat roof felt, this heavy duty green mineral felt should be used as the top sheet in a two layer system.



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Size10m x 1m
Project TypeCommercial Small - Domestic Small/Medium/Large
Application SectorFlat
Weight31 kg

Features & Benefits

  • Traditional product
  • Economy roofing materials
  • Nail fixing, cold adhesive or pour and roll bitumen application
 50 X  75 CLS Timber (3000mm)
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IKO 10x1m Shed Felt Green Slate
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