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Plasmor 100mm Fibolite Blocks 3.6N
Plasmor 100mm Fibolite Blocks 3.6N

FIBOLITE is an ultra lightweight load bearing block manufactured from Plasmor’s own man-made expanded clay.



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TypeFibollite Block
Work Size440mm x 100mm x 215mm
Co-ordinating Size450mm x 100mm x 225mm


  • External walls - Outer & inner Leaf
  • Inernal partition walls
  • Column encasement
  • Internal load bearing walls
  • Walls below damp proof course (DPC)


FIBOLITE blocks are extremely lightweight, offer one hand lift laying, have excellent thermal efficiency values, provide an ideal key for plaster/render and accept fixings readily. FIBOLITE blocks are especially suitable for house building, extensions, repair, maintenance and refurbishment projects. The majority of the blocks in the FIBOLITE range comply with the 20kg single lift requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.
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