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IKO Adesso
IKO Adesso

Adesso Black Torch is a range of polyester based, slate surfaced torch-on cap sheets, coated with a high softening point APP modified bitumen coating. The embossed backing helps rapid dispersion of the torching film, making application fast and secure.




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Size8m x 1m
Project TypeCommercial Small/Medium/Large
Application SectorFlat
Weight33 kg

Features & Benefits

  • Torch applied - Rapid application and sealing of the laps
  • Mineral finished cap sheet - UV stable
  • APP Modification - results in higher softening point, reduces foot marking issues during installation
  • Polyester based carrier - strong robust base material
  • Temperature stable - APP modified bitumen makes the product suitable for flat, sloping or vertical installation
  • Cost effective performance

Technical Data Sheet

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Data Sheet
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