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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Behind the Brand: All About Axus

All About Axus

Here at Lawsons we stock a variety of the top, specialist, decorating brands including a new range by Axus Décor. These quality products were designed and created using the suggestions and opinions from decorators who visited their North-West London retail store. Through this direct customer interaction they were able to learn exactly what decorators needed from their tools.

The Axus team say: “In designing these tools we hope we have made decorator’s lives easier, while also giving results that will impress decorator and client alike.”

Axus Décor is also a member of the Professional Decorating Association. They support this code of practice and professional decorators throughout the UK by providing them with quality tools to carry out their work.

Our top pick of Axus products are…


Axus 4 Piece Blue Pro Brush Set

This set includes four brushes in various sizes and they can be used with all types of paint. These brushes feature a slightly stiff, full-bodied stock of tapered synthetic filaments, engineered to pick up a large amount of paint and deliver it evenly onto the surface.

Axus Pro Strip (3") 75mm Stainless Steel HD Scraper

This professional scraper is ideal for removing paint, wallpaper and many types of wall finishes. It has a soft, comfortable ergonomic handle and the scraper features a strong chisel edge. The blade is made from anti-rust stainless steel providing extreme strength and durability. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Axus Awkward Reach Roller Frame 4"

This is so handy! The extra-long length of this roller frame allows you to easily reach behind radiators, pipes and other hard to reach areas. The comfortable rubber grip absorbs pressure and reduces hand strain over prolonged periods and it has been designed to fit all standard mini roller sleeves.

At Lawsons we stock a comprehensive range of decorating tools and accessories such as fillers, tapes, adhesives, cleaners, preservatives, sandpapers, dust sheets, polish, oils, waxes, spirits, wallpapers and tiles. Whatever the product or brand you're after, or whatever surface you want to coat, we can supply you with the right products for the job.