Weedcheck Ultra Heavy Duty Weed Control Membrane 2x25m 70gsm RollWeedcheck UltraWeedcheck Example
Weedcheck Ultra
Weedcheck Example
Weedcheck Ultra is a highly specified Spunbond polypropylene material designed to have the maximum effect on preventing weed growth, It also helps to retain moisture in the soil and stops the various mulches, including decorative aggregates, from being lost into the ground.




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  • Aggregate areas / screed areas
  • Flower and shrub beds
  • Vegetable beds & protection
  • Under artificial grass
  • Under decking with a mulch
  • Under domestic patios
  • Childs play areas with mulch
  • Lining plant containers

Useful Tips

  • Best to ‘spit’ WEEDCHECK vertically at the edges to a depth of 150/200mm
  • Overlap joins by 120mm
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