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Extrafix Plastic Plug
Extrafix Plastic Plug

The strong Extrafix plastic peg provides a simple and convenient way to secure all types of weed control and geotextile fabrics. These plastic fixing pegs are 160mm long with barbed edges and a square head, providing a large contact area, greater grip and improved anchorage. Supplied in a Pack of 10.



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  • Installing the EXTRAFIX plastic fixing peg is straight forward. Simply pierce the fabric with the point and hammer the peg into the ground using a rubber or wooden mallet.
  • It is recommended to use 2 -4 pegs per m2 for typical installations, this could vary depending on the site-specific conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and convenient
  • Barbed edges for greater grip and improved anchorage
  • Square head providing a large contact area


TypeFixing Pegs
Pack Size10
MOT Type 1 Mini Bag
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Coarse Sharp Sand Mini Bag
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Site Pegs
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MOT Type 1 Bulk Bag
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