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Helical Bar Grout
Helical Bar Grout

Helical 3 Litre Grout is a high performance, non-gassing, non-shrink cement based grout which comprehensively filld all voids into which it is applied/injected. It is suitable for bonding metal components into most common masonry type substrates such as brick, blocks, stones, concrete, etc. Includes tub, dry powder and liquid which are all individually packed.



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TypeHelical Bar Grout
CoverageSuitable for 10m length
Size3 Litres (3L)

Features & Benefits

  • High performance
  • Non-shrink & non-gassing
  • Develops compressive strength rapidly
  • Contains tub, dry powder & liquid
LBC Heather
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Featuring a 'turn-n-slide tie' to accommodate all sizes of brick/block. To suit wall thickness up to 250mm. Each pack contains two 1165mm lengths. Slots at each end allow easy connection of one length to the next. Manufactured from stainless steel.
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