Helical Bar Stainless Steel 6mm x 1m
Helical Bar
Helical 6mm x 1 metre bar has a range of different applications; commonly they are used for crack stitching and reinforcing masonry in structures. Helical bar features deformed fins which make the bonding characteristics of the bar superior to alternative standard reinforcing materials.



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TypeHelical Bar
MaterialStainless Steel

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent bonding capabilities
  • Non-disruptive repair method
  • Cost effective and more stable than other repair systems
  • Excellent bonding characteristics within the masonry
  • Superb combination of axial strength and flexibility
  • Absorbs further localised stress
  • Minimises the likelihood of further cracking
  • Eliminates the need to rebuild a wall
  • Permanent repair
  • A fast and economical solution
  • No special skills required for installation
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