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Barrettine Brush Cleaner 500ml
Barrettine Brush Cleaner 500ml

A solvent based cleaner containing emulsifiers enabling wet household paint and varnish to be efficiently cleaned from brushes, roller and pads. 500ml Volume.




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Directions For Use

  • Pour the Paint Brush Cleaner into a suitable
  • container.
  • Immerse the bristles of the brush in the cleaner and work well into
  • the brush.
  • Rinse the brush well under cold water.
  • For paint rollers pour the liquid liberally into the painting tray and work into the sleeve.
  • To remove greasy stains, shoe polish etc from carpets and furnishings, use on
  • a dry rag. Since some dyes may run, test on an inconspicuous area prior to
  • proceeding.
  • Always rinse with water after cleaning.
  • Do not use on plastic or bitumous materials. Not suitable for cellulose paints.
  • Keep container secure
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