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Barrettine 250ml Cellulose Thinners
Barrettine 250ml Cellulose Thinners

Thinners for cellulose paints, lacquers and primers, cleaning brushes and removing excess paints. Please check the label before use.




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Product Details

  • A blend of solvents to mix with cellulose based paints and varnishes to alter the viscosity for brushing or spraying.
  • Always follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for mixing ratio of paint to thinner and test the finish before mixing large quantities.
  • The high solvency power also makes it suitable for the cleaning of spray guns and brushes that have been used with cellulose paints and lacquers.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning of spray guns.
  • For brushes remove as much paint as possible from the bristles, fill a solvent resistant container with a little thinners and agitate the brush in the solvents. Repeat process as necessary until clean.
  • Cellulose thinners has not been specially formulated to be used in very cold or damp / humid conditions where anti-bloom thinners are often required.
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