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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Plywood & MDF

Plywood & MDF

Lawsons Plywood is a versatile engineered product used for a wide range of structural, interior and exterior applications. We stock plywood in a variety of species, qualities, sizes and thickness's.
MDF is a reconstituted wood panel product increasingly used in internal joinery applications, its sanded flat surface is ideal for a good paint finish. Available in thickness's of 6, 9, 12, 18 and 25mm, all available from stock!

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12mm Elliottis Ply 2440x1220 8x412mm Elliottis Ply 2440x1220 8x4£35.64
18mm Elliottis Ply 2440x1220 8x4 CE2+ EN1398618mm Elliottis Ply 2440x1220 8x4 CE2+ EN13986£48.91
3.6mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-23.6mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-2£17.81
5.5mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-25.5mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-2£22.73
9mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-29mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-2£36.55
12mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-212mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 EN314-2£41.39
18mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 CE2+ EN13986 EN314-218mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 CE2+ EN13986 EN314-2£48.66
25mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 CE2+ EN13986 EN314-225mm Hardwood Ply 2440x1220 CE2+ EN13986 EN314-2£61.04
Caberwood Pro MDF 2440x1220x6mmCaberwood Pro MDF 2440x1220x6mm£18.08
Caberwood Pro MDF 2440x1220x9mmCaberwood Pro MDF 2440x1220x9mm£21.83
Caberwood Pro M/R MDF 2440x1220x12mmCaberwood Pro M/R MDF 2440x1220x12mm£68.16
Caberwood Pro M/R MDF 2440x1220x18mmCaberwood Pro M/R MDF 2440x1220x18mm£36.70
Caberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x12mmCaberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x12mm£26.87
Caberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x15mmCaberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x15mm£28.10
Caberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x18mmCaberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x18mm£29.40
Caberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x25mmCaberwood Trade MDF 2440x1220x25mm£40.94
Caberwood Trade M/R MDF 2440x1220x12mmCaberwood Trade M/R MDF 2440x1220x12mm£30.52
Caberwood Trade M/R MDF 2440x1220x18mmCaberwood Trade M/R MDF 2440x1220x18mm£36.80
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