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Lawsons are the largest independent timber, building & fencing merchants in London and the South East of England. Established in 1921 Lawsons now have a number of branches offering the complete range of building materials.

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Garden Workshops

Garden Workshops

Lawsons supply a wide range of High Quality Workshops made by a UK company that’s been manufacturing units for over 25 years. As well as supply we can also offer a professional installation service, for those larger units, to save you time and energy. If you have any special requirement please do not hesitate to ask as we may be able to alter a standard unit to suit your needs. We feel Lawsons’ Workshops, which include Warwick, Warwick Plus, Kent and Warwick Conversion are among the best on the market, so take time to compare quality when considering cheaper products as our manufacturer uses thicker cladding and framing materials than most. As well as high quality timber our hinges, locks and fittings are very substantial therefore offering years of trouble free operation. All units come pre-treated for longevity but it is always a good idea to give them a regular coating of a proprietary preservative to maintain that fresh look.

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1.8x1.2M Warwick Apex Shed 6041.8x1.2M Warwick Apex Shed 604£450.46
1.8x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 6061.8x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 606£567.00
2.1x1.5M Warwick Apex Shed 7052.1x1.5M Warwick Apex Shed 705£535.50
2.1x2.1M Warwick Apex Shed 7072.1x2.1M Warwick Apex Shed 707£607.96
2.4x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 8062.4x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 806£607.96
2.4x2.4M Warwick Apex Shed 8082.4x2.4M Warwick Apex Shed 808£739.20
3.0x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 10063.0x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 1006£712.96
3.0x2.4M Warwick Apex Shed 10083.0x2.4M Warwick Apex Shed 1008£850.50
3.0x3.0M Warwick Apex Shed 10103.0x3.0M Warwick Apex Shed 1010£1,080.46
3.6x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 12063.6x1.8M Warwick Apex Shed 1206£812.70
3.6x2.4M Warwick Apex Shed 12083.6x2.4M Warwick Apex Shed 1208£979.66
3.6x3.0M Warwick Apex Shed 12103.6x3.0M Warwick Apex Shed 1210£1,272.60
2.1x2.1M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 7072.1x2.1M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 707£685.66
2.4x1.8M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 8062.4x1.8M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 806£685.66
2.4x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 8082.4x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 808£863.10
3.0x1.8M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 10063.0x1.8M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1006£786.46
3.0x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 10083.0x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1008£935.56
3.0x3.0M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 10103.0x3.0M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1010£1,278.90
3.6x1.8M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 12063.6x1.8M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1206£900.90
3.6x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 12083.6x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1208£1,092.00
3.6x3.0M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 12103.6x3.0M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1210£1,425.90
4.2x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 14084.2x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1408£1,307.26
4.8x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 16084.8x2.4M Warwick Apex Plus Shed 1608£1,483.66
1.8x2.4M Warwick Conversion 6081.8x2.4M Warwick Conversion 608£665.70
2.4x2.4M Warwick Conversion 8082.4x2.4M Warwick Conversion 808£774.90
2.4x3.0M Warwick Conversion 8102.4x3.0M Warwick Conversion 810£914.56
3.0x3.0M Warwick Conversion 10103.0x3.0M Warwick Conversion 1010£1,121.40
1.8x1.2M Kent Pent Shed 6041.8x1.2M Kent Pent Shed 604£476.70
1.8x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 6061.8x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 606£606.90
2.1x1.5M Kent Pent Shed 7052.1x1.5M Kent Pent Shed 705£563.86
2.1x2.1M Kent Pent Shed 7072.1x2.1M Kent Pent Shed 707£652.06
2.4x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 8062.4x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 806£652.06
2.4x2.4M Kent Pent Shed 8082.4x2.4M Kent Pent Shed 808£791.70
3.0x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 10063.0x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 1006£759.16
3.0x2.4M Kent Pent Shed 10083.0x2.4M Kent Pent Shed 1008£922.96
3.6x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 12063.6x1.8M Kent Pent Shed 1206£884.10
3.6x2.4M Kent Pent Shed 12083.6x2.4M Kent Pent Shed 1208£1,054.20
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