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Mapei Lamposilex 5kg
Mapei Lamposilex 5kg

Mapei 5kg Lamposilex is an ultra-fast setting and curing hydraulic binder for preventing and stopping water leaks, even water under pressure.



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TypeLiquid Waterproofer
Consumption1.8kg/m³ per 100kg cement

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproofing Fast set time
  • Waterproof and water repellent after curing
  • Very high compressive and flexural strength after only 30 mins after curing

Application Examples

  • Stopping water leaks in basements, subways and below grade structures in general.
  • Stopping water leaks in tanks above ground.
  • Waterproof sealing of rigid joints between walls and floor slabs.
  • Waterproof sealing of cracks and holes
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