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KTX Screw 5.0 x 40mm
KTX Screw 5.0 x 40mm

KTX 5.0x40mm Gold woodscrews are the most popular screws and used by all trades for internal work and for all kinds of woods. The special patented non-slip head is popular with all those who have used.



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MaterialHardened Steel
Size5.0 x 40mm
Pack Qty200 pcs

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for KTX, Square, Pozi & Philips drive screw bits
  • No wobbling, slipping or rimming out of head
  • Significantly reduced splitting enables close to edge fitting
  • Double countersunk head with ribs and tips for smooth surface finish
  • Uses on average 50% less energy than most other screws
  • Deep recessed head ensures no movement and transfers all torque and power to the screw
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