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GripfillSpecial Offer Gap Filling Adhesive 350ml - Gap FillGripfillSpecial Offer Gap Filling Adhesive 350ml - Gap FillGripfill Gap Filling Adhesive - Gap Fill
GripfillSpecial Offer Gap Filling Adhesive 350ml - Gap Fill
Gripfill Gap Filling Adhesive - Gap Fill

Gripfill is a solvent based adhesive, which offers you excellent, high-strength adhesion and bonding for most solid building materials. This gap filling adhesive has been formulated to bond a wide range of materials including wood, plasterboards, metal, tiles, breeze blocks, bricks, ceramic, concrete, stones and UPVC. It can even used to fill in gaps on uneven surfaces.




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Gripfill Adhesive 350ml

  • For interior and exterior home use
  • Exceptional bonding strength including vertical applications
  • Suitable to bond majority of building materials

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast bonding properties
  • Quick curing
  • High strength
  • Suitable for vertical applications
  • Immediate bonding
  • Ideal for interior and exterior surroundings

Product Use:

  • Plywood
  • Blockboard
  • Chipboard
  • Hardboard
  • Laminated plastics
  • Rigid uPVC
  • Rigid PU insulation materials
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Ferrous materials
  • Stone
  • Plasterboard
  • Insulation boards

Product Specification:

Brand Evo-Stik Gripfill
Product Colour Buff
Pack Type Adhesive / Solvent
Product Size 350ml Tube / C30 CArtridge
Application Interior and exterior
Coverage 12m of a 6mm diameter bead per C30 cartridge.
Water Resistant Waterproof


How long will Gripfill take to dry?
It is recommended to let a 6mm bead 20°c of Gripfill to dry for at least 24 hours to be at its strongest.

The adhesive cures by evaporation of the solvent and drying times can be affected by how thick the Gripfill is applied and the ambient temperatures of the surfaces it has been applied to.

How to apply Gripfill?
For the best results, you should apply a 6mm diameter ‘zig-zag’ bead along the length of the surface to be bonded. Where two impervious materials are to be bonded, apply the adhesive as above, and press firmly together to avoid breaking the bond pulling away immediately ensuring decent transfer has occurred. You should approximately wait for 10 seconds and re-bond the two materials.

How can I remove excess Gripfill adhesive?
Uncured adhesive can be removed using wipes, after carefully scraping off the bulk. If your adhesive is cured, then it can only be mechanically removed by either cutting, sanding or scraping.
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