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Dow Corning Roofers Seal
Dow Corning Roofers Seal

Trade mate roofers seal is a grey coloured premium performance elastomeric sealant suitable for most roofing repairs and applications. It provides superb adhesion to a range of roofing substrates including bitumen, galvanized steel and lead. Cartridge size: 310ml.




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TypeRoofers Seal

Features & Benefits

  • Use on wet or dry surfaces
  • Mildew resistant
  • May be painted after 24 hours
  • Asphalt compatible
  • Versatile, ideal with a wide range of substrates including lead, bitumen & galvanized steel
  • High movement capability
  • Long life expectancy

Main Uses

Ideal for most roofing applications and repairs, it adheres to various roofing substrates in both wet and dry conditions. It is ideal for sealing around gutters, downpipes, lead flashing and corrugated roofing.
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