Cure It 5L Catalyst Winter Grade Hardener for Roofing Resin and Roofing Topcoat.

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Cure It 6" complete roller for resin and topcoat application and detail work.
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Cure It 6inch replacement roller sleeve for 6inch roller paddles. Easily cleaned with acetone.
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The Cure It 75mm wide 65m long detail bandage is used as reinforcements for forming corners and other detail on the roof.
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The Cure It 3m A type trim is a drip trim, fitted to the lowest edge of the roof usually where the rainwater flows into the gutter.
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The Cure it Accessory Pack includes all of the tools and accessories required for laminating a GRP roof. The rollers and brushes in this pack are designed for use with our resins. Other third party products are likely to be unsuitable for this purpose.
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