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Birkdale 12 Inch Galv Garage Door Bolt
Birkdale 12 Inch Galv Garage Door Bolt

Gatemate® 12 inch (300mm) garage door bolt features a galvanised finish and comes complete with pozidrive screws.




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TypeGarage Door Bolt
Size12 inch (300mm)


Gatemate Garage Door Bolt is suitable for all standard timber gates and doors and ideal for use with a range of Gatemate hinges and latches.


Galvanised Finish

A 'hot-dip' or 'spelter' galvanised finish approximately 60 microns thick. The product is dipped in molten sinc, resulting in thick, rough coating that has a high corrosion resistance.

Epoxy Black

Epoxy Black
Polyester powder coating is backed or sprayed onto the the raw metal, resulting in a smooth finish. Medium corrosion resistance, however on moving parts the finish can flake off, meaning steel will corrode more easily.

Fitting Instructions

Garage Door Bolt

1. Place retainer plate onto the door/gate & insert the drop bolt in the locked position (see diagram). 2. Position the retainer plate as desired with the bottom of the drop bolt flush with the bottom of the door/gate & fix with the screws provided. 3. Slide bolt guides onto the bottom of the drop bolt and fasten in desired positions with the screws provided. 4. Let bolt drop down onto the floor and mark the position where hole should be drilled. Now drill a hole large enough to accept the bolt and at least 1½" to 2" deep. 5. Fix tubular socket in hole with cement. Floor plate is also included if needed; place floor plate over hole and secure to floor with screws.

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