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HRT4 Stainless Steel Housing Wall Tie
HRT4 Stainless Steel Housing Wall Tie

Light duty wall tie suitable for box-form domestic dwellings with leaves of similar thickness. Suitable for flat sites in towns and cities where the basic wind speed does not exceed 27m/s and altitude is not more than 150m above sea level.



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The Staifix HRT4 is suitable for cavities from 50mm to 150mm and can be used in the construction of domestic houses up to 10 metres in height. Altitude and wind speed restrictions may apply.


Independent tests have proven the Staifix HRT4 has a measured dynamic stiffness of <4.8MN/m3 at a cavity of 50-100mm and 125-150mm and is therefore suitable for internal separating (party) walls of any height in new-build attached dwellings with these cavities.

The Staifix HRT4 (200mm and 225mm) has BBA approval and all lengths meet the technical requirements of the NHBC.

The HRT4 can be used with all approved robust details for cavity masonry separating walls, whether traditional or thin-joint blockwork. Use of these details eliminates the need for pre-completion sound testing.
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Celcon Blocks Standard Grade is BBA certified and has a compressive strength of 3.6N/mm2. Due to its all round performance, it is possible for a 100mm Standard grade Celcon Block to be used throughout a build, eliminating on-site confusion.
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Celcon Blocks Solar Grade is principally used where enhanced thermal performance is required. With superior thermal conductivity Solar Grade Celcon Blocks are suitably loadbearing for two storey buildings and can be used below DPC.
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Wienerberger Red Class B Engineering Brick
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LBC Dapple Light
Featuring a &#39;turn-n-slide tie&#39; to accommodate all sizes of brick/block. To suit wall thickness up to 250mm. Each pack contains two 1165mm lengths. Slots at each end allow easy connection of one length to the next. Manufactured from stainless steel.
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Ancon Debonding Sleeve
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