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Hardboard Standard 3.2mm
Hardboard Standard 3.2mm

Lawsons 1220 x 610 x 3.2mm Hardboard sheet is a handy size for the DIY enthusiast and trade alike. Ideal as a floor covering or levelling out of old wooden floor boards. It gives a clean smooth surface which allows you to apply various floor coverings of your choice. One face is smooth while the other is coarse and textured which helps to secure the board to the substrate, however a ring shanked nail or staple will still be required. Being around 3mm thick makes it very easy to work with using conventional wood working tools. It also offers flexibility due to it being thin, making it suitable for projects where you might need the board to have slight flexibility.




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FinishOne side smooth/One side coarse

Features & Benefits

Provides a smooth, clean surface for application of various floor coverings.


As it is manufactured from very fine wood fibres, it is a cost effective board and can be used for a lot of different applications i.e. floor covering, general decorative projects, signs, displays, doors, panels, backing for wardrobes, cabinets and bottom of drawers, etc.
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