100x200mm - 2.4m Long New Treated Rustic Sleeper
100x200mm Rustic Sleeper
Rustic Sleeper Flower Bed
Rustic Sleeper Pathways
New style Rustic Sleeper 100 x 200 x 2400mm has two curved edges containing the original bark which enables them to naturally blend into any garden project both mature and contemporary. Being natural Redwood and treated against rot and insect attack makes them a very durable product for path edging, raised flower beds and step construction.

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TypeGarden Landscaping Sleeper
Height (Nominal)100mm
Width (Nominal)200mm
Length2400mm (2.4m)

Product Features

Curved edges on two sides with bark
Easy to handle
Assured as grown in Britain
Manufactured from specially selected pressure treated durable Redwoods

Further Information

Rustic Sleepers are machined from natural, organic, unseasoned timber that has not undergone any drying process so being hydroscopic it will naturally season over time which may result in them contracting, distorting and expanding with the seasons.
Splits, checks and shakes are a natural occurrence associated with landscaping timbers which help give them that natural look and will not affect the integrity of the product if orientated appropriately. They will appear as the timber dries as shrinkage will occur in different directions but don’t be alarmed as they are an entirely natural phenomenon.
Sleeper dimensions may vary as sizes stated are nominal, they are a rough sawn product and not machined to an exact tolerance which helps gives them their individual natural character.