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 50 x 100 H/w Timber Par (3660mm)
50x100 Hardwood Timber PAR
Lawsons 50 x 100mm general purpose hardwood is an ideal alternative to softwood in all sorts of building & construction projects. The main advantage of hardwood is its aesthetics as can be more pleasing in appearance. It is ideal for use in high quality furniture construction and other areas where that up-market natural finish is required.

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Thickness and width are expressed in mm e.g. 25 x 150. This is known as the nominal measure. The actual or finished size of an item is the size after planing, and will generally be about 4-5mm less than the nominal size e.g. a 25x150 PAR board will actually finish at 21 x 145
100 x 100 H/w Timber Par (3660mm)
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100 x 100 H/w Timber Par (3660mm)
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