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19x75mm Softwood PAR
19x75mm Softwood PAR

Lawsons 19 x 75mm Softwood PAR timber is of top-quality and ideal for a varnished, painted or stained finish. Being a constant size makes it ideal for joinery projects where a perfect finish is required and because it has been slow grown it is less likely to twist or distort.




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TypeSoftwood Timber PAR
Dimensions19mm x 75mm
Overall Length2400mm

Additional Information

Thickness and width are expressed in mm e.g. 25 x 150. This is known as the nominal measure. The actual or finished size of an item is the size after planing, and will generally be about 4-5mm less than the nominal size e.g. a 25x150 PAR board will actually finish at 21 x 145
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