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Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers are incredibly versatile, which is why they’ve gained popularity among gardeners, landscape architects, and even furniture designers. Lawsons stocks a huge range of sleepers, in a variety of colours and sizes so we are sure to have exactly what you need for your project.

Our softwood sleepers are either spruce or pine and our hardwood ones usually oak, so they work perfectly, whether you want to use them in your garden or for an exterior design project.

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Our customers have bought garden sleepers for landscaping projects, building garden steps, creating garden paths, designing outdoor furniture, setting garden paths, building fireplaces, stacking benches, putting together table tops, or even just for door lintels.

Whether you need softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, new or used, light or heavy sleepers, you will find Lawsons have exactly what you need at an excellent price.
We also have this handy guide to teach you everything you need to know about railway sleepers.

Hardwood Railway Sleepers: Hardwood sleepers are robust, durable, and extremely versatile. Being hardwood they offer durability and a maintenance-free alternative to our softwood variety.

Softwood Railway Sleepers: Softwood railway sleepers are not only the most economical option, but they are also lighter than their hardwood counterparts, making them easier to cut, and position.

Used/Reclaimed Sleepers: Our used or reclaimed sleepers are well-loved for their individual, natural character. They work perfectly in your garden or for an exterior design project.

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality and responsibly sourced railway sleepers, so you can have complete peace of mind that your purchase is not harming the environment or any natural habitats.

If you’d like to browse our fantastic range of railway sleepers or fixings in person, don’t hesitate to pop into your local branch and have a look around. A member of the team will be happy to discuss your project and give you our expert advice on the best materials to use.