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Garden Sheds

Lawsons’ garden sheds are manufactured by a UK-based company, who have over 30 years’ experience creating quality, long-lasting garden buildings and outdoor storage. We offer professional installations to save you time and energy.

If you prefer a weekend project, you can easily install the shed yourself – everything you need is included in the kits. You’ll notice that our sheds have thicker cladding, more study framing, and higher quality fittings so you can rely on your shed for safe storage and a weather-proof work area. Wooden sheds are traditional and versatile, offering a huge number of options to match your garden or your style.

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The timber is treated and stained with a water-based red cedar colour treatment, but you can easily paint or update your shed, change the windows. Remember to always use high-quality exterior primer and paint on the entire shed to protect the look and make sure that it’s resistant to pest and weather damage. Our sheds include a range of quality finishing touches, including heavy roofing felt, full tongue and grooved timber floors, and glass windows.

As part of our assembly / installation package for new sheds we are able to offer, at an extra cost and subject to availability, a shed removal service for pre-fabricated wooden panel sheds with felted roof and glass/perspex windows. This does not include home-made units, removal of electrics or asbestos.

Our suppliers can also offer a Shed Top Coat Service to the outside of vertical panels i.e. sides, back & front, including door. This will comprise of a spirit-based treatment applied before the shed is delivered, colours available are Red Cedar, Dark Brown & Green.