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3 Brick Garden Wall Ideas

3 Brick Garden Wall Ideas

Adding a brick wall to your garden is a great way to incorporate the style of your property into your outdoor space. Brick walls are also ideal for adding decoration, improving security and increasing privacy.

 There are many different ways you can use brickwork to enhance your garden. To help give you a little inspiration, here are our three favourite brick garden wall ideas.


Decorative Garden Walls

Decorative garden walls are a great way to add style and divide areas within your outdoor space. Whether your garden is traditional or contemporary, finding the perfect decorative brick wall to match the style of your property is sure to add that finishing touch.

There are many different varieties of brick to choose from, such as the classic red brick, yellow reclamation and rustic. You are sure to find a style of brick to match your desired landscape design here at Lawsons.


Boundary Walls

Boundary walls are used to separate the ownership of land between neighbours. Brick walls make an attractive alternative to timber fencing, as well as providing increased strength and height. Because of their durability, brick walls will also last a lot longer and require less maintenance.

You could consider incorporating a design element into the brickwork of your boundary wall, to help soften the aesthetic and add a decorative feature to your garden.

Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls can create a great focal point within a garden. The design possibilities are endless and they can be doubled up as seating areas or flower beds. 

Retaining walls are constructed to retain soil within a garden. They can also look very effective in sloping gardens where retaining walls can be used to create levels. You can also add them to the borders of patios to form a stunning area for entertaining in the warmer months.