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A Complete Guide to Patio Materials

A Complete Guide to Patio Materials

Patios are a great addition to many people’s gardens and landscapes. Whether you have a small garden or a huge open space to play with, adding space for a patio can add character to your home and give yourself your own space for eating, drinking and quality time with the family.

For those looking to add a new patio space to their garden, you have a number of choices to make. How is it going to look? How much space will your new patio need? And often the most important question people should be asking is what kind of materials will you need to make it the way you want it to look? Look no further, as we have a guide to help you decide which materials go best with your plans and the benefits of each.


Using natural stones

If you’re looking for a natural, weathered effect in your garden, then why not try using natural paving stones? There are a range of colours to choose from that aim to mimic a characteristic look and feel to your back garden.

If you’re looking to buy natural stone, look for flagstone, slate or limestone for more neutral coloured stone that can match most elements added to your garden. Take a look at our decorative paving section for some inspiration.


Using brick

Adding brick to a garden really brings out the character and promotes a quintessential British look. Whether you opt for a classic red brick, or look to use lighter toned brick, you can easily slot them into the area you’re paving with minimal fuss.

One thing to consider is that brick requires a bit more maintenance than using other paving methods. Like when used around our homes, bricks are great places for moss and other weeds to grow, so be sure to keep an eye on them if you add them to your patio.


Adding stones like pea gravel

Small stones that come in bags can simply be poured into the areas you want them to be added to. It’s a very simple process that can make your patio built out in a day. Pea gravel is the most common of the stones you can buy, but there are a range of stone looks you can choose from to bring out your own unique theme to the patio. You could go for a more rustic, farmhouse look, a Mediterranean aesthetic or go for a seaside theme - whichever you choose it’ll bring out heaps of character!

The huge benefit to adding stones is that they’re an easy draining solution, can battle much of the weather we have all year round and are a cheap investment that lasts.


Other options to consider

If none of these ideas pique your interest then there’s always the option to add decking, cover sections of your patio in concrete, or spruce it up with woodchip and individual paving stones. There are heaps of ways to build your patio that don't have to follow the common ways of creating your new garden space.

Ultimately, it will be down to what your budget is, how much space you have to work with and what you’d like your garden to look like when it’s all done! It’s also about what you’ll be using the space for and how you can help give your garden the lease of life it needs, where your friends and family can enjoy your outdoor space for years to come.

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