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How to Add Flower Beds to Your Walkways

How to Add Flower Beds to Your Walkways

Adding flower beds gives your garden a range of colour that can be changed throughout the year that can easily lead you and any guests through your garden. It also means you can attract multiple forms of wildlife, butterflies and other pollinators into your home.

Using a flower bed to direct people through your garden is a more popular way of bringing your garden to life without necessarily using paving stones or wood chippings. In this guide we’ll show you how to lay out your garden in the best way by using flowers to pave the way.

Preparing your space for flower beds

When you’re ready to add space for flower beds, you should ask yourself where exactly your flowers will go, if they have enough sunlight, the quality of the soil and ensuring the area is clear from any debris, rocks and any large piles of dirt in the soil.

Do a soil test before you start to see how nutritious the ground is before looking to plant any flowers. And then you should begin to research what plants you’d like to add to the bed. There are plenty of fantastic blogs out there detailing the science of soil and plants, so we’ll leave that to the experts! 

How to install flower beds

You’ll need to remove turf if you haven’t already and make an outline of where the flowers will lie along the path.

  1. Dig up the turf

Use a shovel by wedging it into the edges of the grass where you’ve marked it for digging. Then lift the shovel upwards to remove the turf with minimal mess around you and where you plan to add your flowers.

  1. Add a raised flower bed

This will look different to the larger sleeper beds you can get, but you can still buy kits to help you with this step. Wood boards can also be used that can be placed into the ground. Once they’re in the ground, add a strong bottom layer like heavy plastic sheeting to keep the soil in its place as much as you can. Add a layer of planting mix along with a layer of compost to give your new flowers the best chances at growing in the soil.

  1. Add your flowers

This will entirely depend on what flowers you have planned. If you’re looking to hide unattractive features, then consider using taller plants or plants that grow in spectacular fashion. You may also want to add plants that you can look after all year round, or plants that suit the seasons; whatever your choices you should aim to choose a variety of plants that will grow well within the climate.

If you’re looking to use raised flower beds you can look to add more creative designs, such as cascading flowers or a variety of colorful wildflowers. You can look to add other defining features as well, like rock formations, small garden lights or birdhouses to put your own stamp on your garden.

Adding flower beds is actually easier than it looks and doesn’t require much in the way of DIY experience. Our top tip is to prepare your workspace before you begin, and plan out exactly where you want your plants to go.

Adding to your walkways

Your walkways can stand out much more with the addition of flowers around your paving, woodchip, or slate flooring. It can also work in both small gardens or vast gardens that are teaming with space and character. Make your garden your own creation with beautiful flowery walkways to guide you along the way!

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