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A Guide to Installing Decking for Summer

A Guide to Installing Decking for Summer

With summer in full swing, you might be looking for ways to improve your garden and ensure it is a safe, relaxing place that you can enjoy for the next few months. Decking is a great option and can completely transform your outdoor space. If you’re taking the DIY approach to installing your garden decking, you will need to know all of the tips and tricks to ensure it not only looks good but is also safe. Planning is key and you’ll need to ensure you have all of the relevant safety equipment so that you don’t hurt yourself!


Consider the Material

When it comes to decking, there are various materials you can work with, including timber and composite decking. The latter is a great choice because it is durable and will withstand severe weather conditions fur to being moisture resistant. It’s also an environmentally friendly option and easy to maintain; you won’t need to paint, stain or seal it on a quarterly basis. On the other hand, natural timber decking may rot, fade, warp or even become infested with insects.

When your composite decking is first delivered, don’t install it right away. It’s better to let it adjust to the local conditions, but make sure it’s covered if it’s raining. You should also avoid installing it on colder days. 


Prepare the Ground

Choose the location and properly prepare the ground. Mark out the square dimensions and corners of your deck by fixing pegs in place and then remove any weeds, rocks, or vegetation from within those dimensions. Use weedkiller to prevent future growth and if necessary, dig up the turf using a spade. This is essential. If you rush the installation and have to start again when the materials don’t line up or you have to rip the whole job up a month later due to damage, you’ll be kicking yourself! 


Install the Decking

Start by laying the deck frame. There are different ways to do this depending on your project. For instance, are you building directly on the ground, on concrete slabs or on a footing to raise it? Once the frame is established, you can then fix the joists, followed by the decking boards. If you’ve opted for composite decking, you should fit the joists a little closer together as it’s not as strong as timber. 

Often, composite decking comes as a kit and instructions are provided on the specific brands website or via an educational video online. All of the kits components are available at Lawsons and all the instructions and guides of installation can be found on the product pages! You should leave width-to-width and end-to-end gaps to help with drainage. You may also want to mix and match the boards to create a beautiful pattern. 

It’s important to cut both ends of the decking before installation to ensure the edge is square and install any wiring for your lights first. You are likely to need some additional support if you want to install a fire pit, hot tub, pergola or another structure. If you need any visual aid, there are some amazing education videos which can be found online that you can follow through yourself!  

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