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3 Ways to Encourage Wildlife to Your Garden

3 Ways to Encourage Wildlife to Your Garden

As a huge benefit for the environment and the local area’s wildlife growth, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be adding these features to your garden. Here are the top 3 features you can add into your garden this summer in order to encourage the wildlife!

1 - Adding Bird Feeders and Houses

One of the most common ways of bringing birds and tree climbing animals into your garden is with a bird feeder. These are relatively inexpensive kits you can add to any tree or suitable support in your garden that will attract all kinds of birds if you fill the feeders regularly.

Adding a birdhouse into your garden is a great way to show your children about wildlife and how birds use these houses to keep chicks warm and safe in the cover of darkness.

2 - Bug hotels

They’re becoming a lot more popular these days, but bug hotels are ideal for anyone that has extra space they’re looking to fill. The best part about these are that you can make them with just about anything you have lying around at home - disused wood, sawdust and spare bricks are great to put together to make a space for all kinds of insects to make a home in.

One of the most common insects to use these are solitary bees who have a safe space to rest, lay eggs and hibernate. Spiders, ladybugs and woodlice will also find these places an ideal spot to place themselves for extended periods of time and is a huge benefit to increasing the amount of wildlife in your garden.

3 - Using water features

If you have a pond already, then the majority of the work is done! However, they are relatively easy to construct and a way of inviting aquatic wildlife. To build a pond you’ll need a pond liner, a series of supplies to dig up the ground, pipework to control the pond and additional features to make your pond your own.

After a fortnight, you’ll be able to add plants, stones and other features to the pond to begin attracting wildlife. It’s unlikely you will see ducks and geese appearing in your garden, but you’re likely to see water striders and other large water bugs, frogs or toads and possibly newts.

Inviting wildlife into your garden brings the best of both worlds - you’re bringing a lot of animals and creatures into your backyard that can improve your garden production. Why not add these features to your garden this summer?

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