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Preparing your Patio for The Summer

Preparing your Patio for The Summer

With rain, sometimes hailstones, crisp mornings and direct heat onto the decking, canopies, and furniture, you may need to look at taking care of your patio before inviting guests around for a post-lockdown party. So, before investing in that new BBQ, take a look at this guide to preparing your patio for the summer.

Cleaning your patio

Before adding any treatment or paint to your patio, it’s wise to clean the area. 

Sweep down your decking first, removing leaves, dust, stones and other small debris. Once it’s clean of most dirt and grime you can lay down a patio cleaner directly onto the wood. To clean the decking down, use a scrubbing brush or a hard broom to make sure the wood is thoroughly cleaned.

When that’s done, you can move on to treating your decking.

Treating your patio and decking

First things first, you’ll need to assess the state of your decking as it is before you begin. Was your decking placed down in the last 6 months, or has it been a part of your patio for a few years? If your decking hasn’t received any treatment, or has been laid out over 6 months ago, then you’re ready to begin.

Decking oil is used to waterproof the wood, protects against UV rays and mould prevention. There tend to be a range of decking oils in different colours depending on how you’d like the decking to look.

Universal preservers work to eradicate wood rot, removing any insects found in the wood, treating the decking to allow long lasting presentation. 

You can also decorate the decking with a lick of paint should you choose or keep its natural finish with an oil treatment.

Other wear and tear

You may have a rattan furniture set with cushions, or a canopy, tables, and chairs to consider cleaning or updating. Cushions and other fabric items will especially need some TLC if they’ve remained outside for a long time.

Tarpaulin-like materials can be easily cleaned with hot water and soap, removing any dirt or potential mould. It’s recommended to clean your parasol or covers on a regular basis to avoid any discolouration. 

Make your patio sparkle ready for the summer months! As the days are longer there are more opportunities to use your patio with family and even friends.

You can also find more features to spruce up your patio by taking a look at our range of landscaping supplies.

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