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When is the Best Time to do Home Improvements?

When is the Best Time to do Home Improvements

Although you may be putting off that work around your home that you have been saying you would do for months, there are preferable times to make those home improvements. Although do not use this as an excuse not to do the task if you can! This guide will show you when you should look at changes to your home and how to capitalise on them across the year that are both cost-effective and the best times for your home.

When should you make improvements to your garden?

A lot of people decide to make improvements to their garden just before the majority of guests arrive in the summertime. A lot of people might actually suggest you make those improvements in the spring or winter for a number of reasons. 

The biggest one is that your plants and flowers won’t be growing as fast as they will be in direct sunlight and warmer weather. It’s a perfect time to cut back on plants you want to manage or remove altogether. 

Fencing, paving and decking are usually installed in the summer, but it can be even cheaper on yourself (if you’re hiring a company) if you fit them in the winter or in spring. These are times of the year where there’s less demand for garden improvements, so why not take advantage?


When should you make improvements to the inside of your home?

It usually depends on what you’d like to change in your home. If you’re looking to do some decorating for example, then it’s best to do these in the winter. But, if you are aiming to add something more specific into the home like new kitchen fittings, then it’s best to do these at the start of the year…

The start of the year is also the best time to look at replacing or improving your windows. Most people tend to wait until the summer to change their windows but preparing in advance and getting them done before the big rush can save you time and money in the long run.


When should you make improvements to the outside of your home?

Things like replacing bricks or looking at tiling on your roof can’t be entirely dependent on the time of year, as they can happen at any time, but you can plan ahead for bigger changes. 

For more extensive work like rendering your exterior walls, they should be done in the months when it’s the least likely to be rainy - so in the late spring until the end of summer are your best chances. Painting should also be done around the same time so that you allow enough time for the walls to dry in a similar temperature across the day.

Guttering and other smaller work around your house exterior is also best done in the summer. A lot of homeowners tend to clear out their gutters after days of heavy rainfall when it’s actually better to work on those changes in the dryer parts of the year. We recommend cleaning and maintaining the outside of your home twice a year.

If you’re able to time your home improvements, then you can maximise when to make your home shine for guests and for different times in the year. Looking for the best equipment for your home improvements this year? Take a look at our huge range of products and supplies to get you started!


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