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How Best to Prepare Your Home to Avoid Drainage Problems This Winter

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As the temperature drops dramatically during the winter season and the cold starts to settle in, staying warm is our number one priority. But did you know that the cold weather can also have adverse effects on your pipes and drains, especially if they are in need of a repair. That’s why, its important to deal and check your drainage systems and pipes to avoid any unpleasant problems, which will affect your whole house system during the winter.

In this blog, we explore best practice, quick and simple suggestions to help support your pipes and drains during the winter.



Avoid frost damage by insulating your pipes. You can find and purchase pipe insulation at your local builders merchants such as Lawsons. Its really easy and straightforward to use, you just simply need to cut the insulation to size and apply. Pipe insulation works by preventing water from getting to cold in the winter and not allowing cold air in and not letting warm air escape.


Check and repair any leakages 

This tip is quite straightforward – give your property a check over and inspect any leakages or concerns around the home and get them repaired in time for the winter season. You may need to seek professional help if the leak is serious.   


Drain outdoor pipes 

It’s always ideal to drain any water from outdoor pipes of your outdoor based appliances. For example, any outdoor hose pipes can be drained and then stored in warmer conditions or somewhere warm in the house. You can also close the indoor valves and leave the outdoor ones open to allow the water to expand safely.  


Clear drain grates 

Give your drain gates a good clean to ensure your gutter and drainage system is working to its full potential. You can do this by simply removing any debris, leaves or mud from the drain grate. This will help to prevent any drain blocking and freezing.


Consider installing drain protection

Have you ever considered installation drain protection? This may be a bit costly but a drain protector which is antifreeze will keep your drains safe from the great freeze! It may cost a bit, but if you do go for this option, you certainly won’t regret it in the long run.


Latent heating

Avoid frost damage and frozen pipes by not turning off your heating. A warm house can prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. You can actually keep the costs low by keeping the heating on all day by lowering the temperature and ensure its stable and warm enough to prevent freezing your pipes.


Watch out for Draughts

Keep an eye out for draughts! You may find small gaps between and under the doors and windows, which can cool and potentially help the process of freezing any pipes that are at risk.


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