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4 Key Questions to Ask Your Underfloor Heating Supplier

4 Key Questions to Ask Your Underfloor Heating Supplier

Underfloor heating systems are rapidly growing in popularity throughout the UK. They are a great investment, offering a multitude of benefits from supplying additional heat in larger rooms to providing a primary heat source in smaller spaces without space for wall mounted radiators. Not only a practical addition, underfloor heating systems can add a touch of luxury in bathrooms and kitchens. To ensure you’re using a provider who not only supplies quality products but can offer knowledgeable advice, be sure to ask the following questions to your underfloor heating supplier. 

1. Which type of underfloor heating is right for me?

There are two types of underfloor heating systems, electrical and water based. Generally, water based systems are better suited to extensions or new builds as they consist of a network of pipes connected to the boiler. Electrical systems can be laid directly under the floor covering and are therefore easier to install and ideal for single room installations. A knowledgeable underfloor heating provider will be able to recommend the heating system best suited to your home.

2. What products can you provide?

You’ll want to find a supplier who can provide the correct tools you need to complete the job. Make sure they have everything you need before you get started as it will be inconvenient and may delay your installation if you have to source products from other providers later down the line.

3. How much will it cost?

You will want to make sure your provider gives you a quote that they will stick to in order to avoid costs racking up unexpectedly. It may be a good idea to contact several providers to establish if you have been offered a competitive rate. Just be aware that cheaper isn’t always better and it is always wiser option to opt for quality over savings.

4. Can I install underfloor heating under any floor finish?

You might want to ask your supplier what types of floor finish their underfloor heating is best suited for, as dependent on the brand this may vary. At Lawsons, our electric underfloor heating range is suitable to be installed on most floor finishes such as tile & stone, wood, vinyl and even carpet. 


Here at Lawsons, we stock a great range of high quality electric underfloor heating materials by leading brand Thermosphere* to make your underfloor heating project come true and be as smooth as possible. Not only do we provide the materials, our friendly and knowledgeable team are always happy to help answer any questions you might have regarding your underfloor heating before purchase.    

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*Thermosphere’s electric underfloor heating maximises available living space and helps create healthy, affordable, energy-efficient places in which to live