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Why should you consider Oak Doors?

Why should you consider Oak Internal Doors?

With the winter season upon us, it may be a good time to make those much-needed internal home improvements plans you’ve considered all year round. Why not start with updating your internal doors

Lawsons stock a wide range of decorative internal oak doors to suit various home styles and select we only the best suppliers in the industry to work with, including Deanta. Deanta is one of the UK’s leading distributors of solid oak internal doors and have over 20 years’ experience within the door industry. During this time, Deanta have established themselves as a forward-thinking and innovative company, with a mission to revolutionise the door industry with their stylish designs.

Our Deanta oak doors have been a popular choice for the home and continue to be so. In this blog, we explore exactly why oak doors are so popular and why should you consider them.  

Captivating Appearance

Oak doors are timeless and always look good - treated or untreated. In its natural form, oak comes in a variety of shades, which means you can pick a colour that compliments your home without too much trouble. They can work well with your dining table, bookshelves, desk and even wooden flooring, carpets and tiles. Oak doors are extremely versatile and will add a hint of nature and warmth to any modern or traditional home.



Internal oak doors are made to last. If you a planning to make an investment on interior doors for your home, then you should consider ones that will last. Opting for cheaper laminate style doors will not give you the high quality and durability you get with oak doors for everyday use.   


Reduced Noise

Solid oak doors act as a great noise barrier when they are closed and are known to reduce external sound. It’s no wonder oak doors have become so popular, because they are ideal for both the home and the workplace to block noise from busy street traffic.   


Value for Money

Not only are oak doors strong and sturdy, they will offer any homeowner great value for money and can last you a lifetime (do bear in mind, as with all home furniture, oak doors also need to be taken care of).   



Another key feature of oak doors is that they are extremely great in keeping the heat in during the cold winter months. Oak doors are terrific insulators as oak is dense. However, it’s good to know that due to its fibrous properties, during the long summers your oak doors will certainly keep your rooms cooler and in the colder season, it will save you money. 

In short, oak doors will compliment many homes and styles with the beauty of its natural wood grain, colours and texture. They are durable and should last you a lifetime. Moreover, with additional acoustic and installation features, choosing oak doors for your home will be a decision you certainly won’t regret. 

Browse through our range of oak doors - designed and crafted beautifully by Deanta.