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Top Tips for Draught Proofing your Home

 Top Tips for Draught Proofing your Home

Draught proofing your house is an effective way to keep your home warm and cosy throughout the winter, plus it can also help to reduce your heating bills.


Draughts can appear in all sorts of places. From sealing your windows to filling gaps in your floor boards, there are many simple fixes you can make around your home to prevent heat loss and save money. Read on for our top draught proofing tips…



Old windows are a common area for draughts to appear. If you do not wish to replace your windows, there are some other simple and inexpensive fixes you can try such as foam seal strips. This solution is easy to install and comes in self-adhesive rolls from most DIY stores. If the draughts are coming from cracks or gaps around the window frame then you will need to use a silicone-based sealant.



Draught-proofing your external and internal doors can save a lot of heat from escaping your home. For front and back doors it is important to check the keyholes for drafts. You can install a metal disc cover called an Escutcheon to solve this issue. Also remember to check your letterbox and if you can feel cold air coming through you might want to consider installing a draught excluder inside the opening.


Loft hatch 

Don’t let the warm air inside your home escape through your loft hatch. This is another area you can insulate using foam strips. However, the best way to stop hot air from escaping through the roof is by properly insulating your loft. Good loft insulation can massively reduce your energy bills and can also help to keep the house cool in the summer.



Cold draughts can also be felt through the gaps between floorboards. This can lead to uncomfortable living conditions and increased heating bills during the winter months. To draught-proof your floorboards you could consider carpeting the room or alternatively there are many floorboard fillers that can be applied to the problem areas.