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How To Revamp Your Summer House

How To Revamp Your Summer House


If you have a summer house, you know how much of a benefit it can bring to an outdoor area. It’s a great asset to your backyard that can be used as a place to relax, a place for your children to play, or to get your BBQ ready for those warmer evenings. Read our guide to getting your summer house back to being the life of your garden.

Tidy up your Summer House

Unless you keep your summer house clean all year round, it’s likely to be covered in a lot of leaves and general wear and tear from not being used. There may be a chance that moss, weeds and mould have entered the building, as well as any unwanted bugs.

It’s wise to do a big clean of the area first before tackling anything major. It’s best to have a secure structure to work with before any of the big jobs can begin. At Lawsons, we have a range of woodcare and preserving products that will do just the trick.

Be bold with the decoration

Get the bright coloured paint out! A lot of homeowners have created their garden spaces into makeshift beach huts, a forest-themed retreat or even into a sleek lounge area away from the house. What you do with your space is up to you! We offer a huge range of painting solutions to get you started.

Add features around the garden to complement the summer house

If you want to make the summer house the star of the garden there are a few ways you can decorate your garden to boost its features. You can make a paving area, complete with plants and night lights to line the pathway, towards the summer house.

Adding additional features like larger plants, outside furniture and a parasol also adds to the look and feel of your summer house. It’s also bound to make your neighbours jealous!

Add insulation

If you’re keen to start using your summer house more, insulation should be on your list of priorities. It’s essential if you want to keep warm during the colder months but also keeps the heat out of the house when you’re using it in the summer.

It saves you money in the long run as well as you’re not relying on as much electricity to keep you warm or cool, making your space somewhere you can unwind all year round.

One key thing to keep in mind is that your summer house can also be like a second home or an annex if you choose to maintain and decorate your place regularly. Make your garden the place to be this summer with a little project before the BBQ season kicks off!

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