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5 Alternative Ideas for Your Garden Shed

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Traditionally garden sheds are used as a storage area, where most of your tools are stored and where the unwanted clutter ends up. Tradesmen and DIYers may also use their garden shed as a workshop area but generally it is used for bulk storage.

In more recent times, garden sheds are being used for different kinds of purposes and in this blog, we explore 5 alternative ideas on how you can use your shed.


Home Office

With the arrival of Covid-19 in early 2020 and the lockdown throughout much of the world, many of us have been forced to work from home. As businesses adjust and react to the current situation, a lot of employees are now working from home and for most of us this might will be a new working style.

Adjusting to this new working lifestyle and ensuring that your work life is separate from your personal life can be a challenge if both are done from home. It’s important to keep a balance between the two, and that’s why using your garden shed and tuning it into a home office might be a good shout. Your garden shed can become the perfect place to work, simply connect electricity, add a desk, chair and lamp with a computer and you’re ready to roll.    


Personal Gym

Avoid the costs of expensive gym memberships and invest in a private home gym, which can be easily set up in your garden shed. There are so many advantages of setting up a personal gym at home, such as avoiding long queues at the gym, purchase equipment which you require and no travel. A key benefit of using your garden shed is that your gym is out the way and not inside the home but close enough for a workout whenever you need it!!


Your garden shed can be the perfect area for a playhouse if you have little kids. Transform your shed into a play area, for kids to have their own garden hideaway with their favourite toys. This enables them to enjoy the outdoors in an indoor environment. Just make sure its child friendly!!

Music Studio

Are you a start-up music producer or musically creative? A quick and easy way to get things going is transforming your garden shed into a music studio. A garden shed music studio is perfect if you’re looking for some alone time to focus on your music, without being disturbed. Perhaps, consider installing soundproofing in the shed to ensure you don’t disturb your neighbours.

Potting Shed

Our fifth and final alternative idea for your garden shed is using it as a potting shed. A potting shed would be perfect for any gardener as it will give you the right amount of space to store your pots and gardening material. Potting sheds are also great to provide the right amount of warmth and dryness for you to sow your seeds and promote healthy plant growth. So why not transform your garden shed into a potting shed.    


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