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3 Decorative Landscaping Ideas

Decorative Landscaping Ideas

Whether your garden is the size of a postage stamp or consists of acres of lawn and flower beds, most homeowners are keen to ensure that their plot of land looks beautiful. Landscaping can be intimidating to some people; if you’re not an experienced gardener, then it can be tricky to know where to begin. 

Here we have 3 beautiful landscaping ideas which are well within the range of most people’s budget and skills. As long as you’re reasonably fit, you won’t need to hire an expert landscape gardener and all of the necessary landscaping supplies are easy to purchase.

1. Decorative pathways and stepping stones

A cleverly positioned pathway can really make an impact on a small garden; a well-placed pathway leads the eye and draws attention to favourite flower beds or garden ornaments. Perhaps you’ve got a special garden sculpture or birdbath that you’d like to highlight? Or maybe there’s a bench in a particularly pretty corner of your garden? Pathways are practical as well as pretty and can provide the perfect route to your washing line or garden shed.

If you’re blessed with a big garden then pathways can be used as a means to break up the space and create different zones within it. One side might be herbs and the other decorative flowers or vegetables. Or maybe you don’t like your vast lawn and want to add interest? There are many decorative stone paving slabs to choose from if you do decide to add a path to your garden. 

2 Decks

A deck is a fabulous addition to any garden. The good news is that you don’t need a huge space to enjoy the convenience and pleasure that a well-built deck can provide. Decking supplies are easily found in a very wide variety of styles and there’s usually something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Most people choose to situate a deck close to their patio doors or a protecting wall. This is to provide ease of access and some shelter from the wind.

Planters around the decked area can also be an attractive addition and will boost the atmosphere by adding scents to the area. Eating outdoors is much more pleasant with the stable base which a deck offers; your dining table and chairs will not sink into the lawn when it’s wet.

Decks are not too complex to build; a well-designed base is very important though as is properly treated timber. Deck treatments and stains are vital so that your timber will last through many seasons.

3 Raised Flower Beds from Sleepers

Raised flower beds are a great way to add interest to your garden. Even tiny city courtyards can benefit from a built-up flower bed. The beauty of building your own raised beds from sleepers is that you get to decide the size and depth of the bed from the start.

Railway sleepers are affordable and last for years. This is especially true if you treat them properly. Timber treatment for sleepers is easy to find and it’s really worth doing this to ensure the longevity of your design.

There are of course many ideas out there for simple landscaping projects for your garden. You can really let your imagination run wild thanks to the amazing array of landscaping supplies out there. You could soon have your dream garden!