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How to Use Your Summerhouse in Winter

Due to the name, people tend to associate summerhouses with, well, summertime. But you can get plenty of use out of summerhouses or log cabins when it gets cold, especially when it’s dry. You just need to make some small adjustments to make the space warm and cosy, and you can enjoy a calm, quiet spot to read, think, or spend time with friends.

Warm It Up

Heat is the most important part of enjoying your summerhouse in the cooler months. There are 2 main considerations here – insulation and heat generation. You can install foil insulation to keep warmth in, and some rugs or wall hangings will help to make the space feel cosier too. The insulation will even stop it from feeling too hot and stuffy in summer as well. If you have electricity installed, you can even get a small convection heater.

Add Some Lighting

Since it gets dark earlier in winter, you will want to add some lighting to enjoy the space after work or in the evenings. There are plenty of battery-powered fairy lights and lanterns available even if you don’t have electricity installed. Alternatively, you can very carefully light some candles but it’s important to keep these away from the walls or any overhangs that might catch fire. LED candles are a great, safe alternative to open flames.

Find Something to Enjoy

Now that you’re warm and can see what you’re doing, it’s time to figure out what you want to do! With enough light, you can easily sit and read a book through the evening, but if you have company you may want to keep some board games in the summerhouse for a simple, fun way to spend the evening or bring some hot chocolates with you and spend the evening chatting and catching up with family and friends.