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Gardening Edge Ideas

Gardening Edge Ideas

Garden edging is the perfect finishing touch for most gardens as it helps keep gardens looking professional, neat and tidy. Give your garden some character with the choice of wood, brick and stone options. In this blog we list our top four garden edging ideas to help give you some inspiration for your own garden…

What is Garden Edging?

Edging can be used to create fresh and clean divides between beds and other areas of the garden. It can adjoin the garden between a lawn. Landscape edging can define raised beds, help separate areas, keep plants separated, or even create planters to make gardening a little easier. Garden edging adds the perfect finishing touch to any landscaping project.

Use Railway Sleepers for Edging

Garden sleepers are an excellent choice for forming garden edgings as they can be used in a single height, either flat or on their edge. You can effortlessly create a distinct border in your garden with just one block of sleepers. If you are after a rustic and relaxed finishing, then using wooden sleepers will certainly help achieve that. Another positive for using sleepers for edging is sleepers are extremely durable and will last you a long time.

Find out how to lay sleepers for garden edging by reading our article on How to Lay Railways Sleepers.

How to lay railway sleepers

Traditional Bricks for Edging

The use of traditional bricks for garden edging is perfect for a crisp finish. Bricks are a great choice for those looking to keep their edges intact, with simple installation and minimal labour. Moreover, over time, you will attain a weathered look with brick edging. You can lay your chosen bricks in a narrow trench on their side, lying flat with the wider side down, or even standing upright (depending on what you prefer) to create a perfect divide.

Bricks are very versatile and come in many shapes and sizes, so the bonus here is that you can choose the width of your edging border if you decide to use bricks.

Traditional bricks for edging

Natural Stone for Garden Edging

Using stone as garden edging can help create distinct garden spaces and provide an elegant finish to any paving or pathway border. Stone edging will create neat and clean lines with subtle or statement styles. Our quality natural stone such as the Marshalls Sawn Veruro borders are made from ethically sourced quartzitic sandstone and hand selected to ensure long lasting quality, while adding the perfect natural finish to any garden.

Natural Stone for Garden Edging

Raised Beds for Edging

If you prefer not to use traditional edging products and want to create a unique definition to your garden, then you can perhaps consider raised beds. Consider using Marshalls Croft Stone Walling, which is ideal to create retainer wall for flower beds. Raised beds will create great divides in your garden and add a unique plant feature at the same time.

Raised Beds for Edging

We hope this article has been insightful and given you some inspiration and ideas for your garden edging to create the perfect divide with the perfect finish. Why not share your ideas and completed landscaping jobs on Instagram at @lawsons_uk